Visa FKPO 2021

Dear sport colleagues,

Sport club KATANA as the organizer of the Fullcontact Karate Prague Open 2021 tournament does not provide visa support for foreign teams! Thank you for your understanding.    Osu!

Official tournament date

Dear sport friends.

We would like to inform you that the Intrernational tournament Fullcontact Karate Prague Open will take place on 27th of February 2021 at this location : T.J. Sokol Praha Královské Vinohrady, Polská 2400/1a, 120 00 Praha 2. This tournament will be supported by the capital city of Prague and CFKO (Czech Fullcontact Karate Organization,

With best regards, Sensei Arsen Bultaev, III. dan Ashihara Kaikan branch chief.